I purchased this app already, why the fuck are you making me pay again?

This app has been through numerous incarnations on the Google Play store which have all ended the same way: suspension of my app and account thanks to Tinder and Google. Finally I'm hosting the APK on my own website and running payment through PayPal and implemented my own purchases system. When my Play store account was suspended, I also lost all lists of previous purchases, so everyone gets the message they've to pay again. So forward your Google Wallet receipt email of previous purchase to admin@tinderautoliker.com and I'll enable unlock manually. Be sure to send email from your Gmail account associated with your Android phone.

I can't login to Facebook, it's stuck at the processing dialog?

Disable any fancy Facebook authentication you might have on your account like 2-step verification. If it still doesn't work, email me for support.

I've the 'like girls with mutual friends' box unchecked, what does your app do when it comes across these girls?

It just ignores them, it neither likes nor dislikes. This isn't possible in the real Tinder app. If you like a lot of girls in my app, when you open the real Tinder app you should be presented with mostly girls who you've mutual friends with as these are the only ones left.

Why is liking going so slow with the new version?

Tinder recently introduced rate limiting on likes, this was the cause of the old bug where likes would stop at 9 or 10. So I had to introduce a delay between likes so it goes a lot slower now. But slow and steady wins the race! Liking works in the background so just set it liking and go browse Reddit or the Misc or something and come back in 20 minutes.