Feature #1

Sign in with Facebook

Sign in with your Facebook account that you used to sign up with Tinder.

Feature #2

Set location on Google Maps

The official Tinder app just takes your current location but our app lets you set a location anywhere in the world.

Feature #3

Start liking people

Start Liking and the app will do its stuff. You should be able to like about 5k people in 5-10 minutes.

Screenshot #1
Screenshot #2
Screenshot #3


Rodrigo Smile

"Mandatory. Period. Getting laid because of this app. Better than Jesus. Sorry, Jesus.”

Julian Steenbakker

"Works perfect”

Lyanne Perez

"Why is it just for guys??? It's kind of discriminatory that it's only for guys to go on a liking spree with the most minimal effort, and you don't have the option for girls!?? BS.”


Karim Varela

"This might be blasphemy... But this man is a kind and generous god.”

Karim Varela (the Tinder Android coder didn't like it!)

"Don't waste your time This app violates many laws. They should be ashamed of himself.”

Lars Kvanum

"Does exactly what it's supposed to. It does its job very well. Some bugs, which is why I didn't give it a 5 star review, but all in all a very good app. Especially for us guys, since it's mostly "a girls' world" on the web dating scene.”